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Tilda, John, Yoko, Tracey, Ron and me

In my recent interview about Bedding Outfor BBC Ouch!* , I was asked “So is this a sort of John and Yoko for PIP [Personal Independence Payment] or more a sort of Tracey Emin-related activity?” When I began to dream up Bedding Out, I kept bumping into John and Yoko and Tracey and began to wonder how many  Continue Reading »

Mental gymnastics and TV soundbites

Towards the end of last week, I was asked to do an interview this Thursday for regional television news, who are doing a series of reports next week on DLA/PIP, bedroom tax, council tax, etc. I’m under the duvet as I write this, my words slurring, sentences resisting the keyboard; not the best week. I  Continue Reading »

Reflecting from the Bed

My latest project is barrelling its way towards the start line. This week, the brilliant CoQuo, my production team have been at Salisbury Arts Centre putting the finishing touches to my Bedding Out installation that forms part of the People Like You exhibition showing work by Gini, Sue Austion and me, and which  launches tonight (8 March). At the  Continue Reading »

Prayers to the Tech Gods

Just four weeks to go now until myBedding Out performance gets underway and the nerves are definitely kicking in. Last week, thanks to the wonders of Skype, I directed the technical fit of the installation from my bed, and technology is looming large in this project in ways I never predicted when it started out. Last  Continue Reading »

Some thoughts on Art as Activism

Sometime soon I’m going to embark on a project as light as air, if only for myself, for the sake of my own grey hairs and deepening frown. It will be a project to make me laugh (and maybe other people too), something not even the tiniest bit hardcore. “No more Nazis,” I tell myself. It’s just  Continue Reading »