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Roaring Girl Productions (RGP) is a creative arts company working in film, audio, text and performance.
We combine high quality creative work with practical activism.

Who are we?

Roaring Girl Productions (RGP) is a creative media company working in performance, film, audio and text. We combine high quality creative work with practical activism. RGP was founded in 1999 by artist-activist Liz Crow, who continues as creative director, and is based in Bristol, UK.

A primary theme in our work is the representation of hidden, marginalised and misrepresented stories, sometimes historical, often contemporary. Our productions range from the pictorial to the confrontational. Woven through are themes of identity, resistance, survival and hope. We create counter-narratives and communicate new meanings in order to move audiences to recognise the need for social change and to discover their own role in contributing to it. Underpinning all our projects are questions of what it is to be human, what kind of society do we want to be a part of, and how do we act collectively to bring that about. Working in this way, we take audiences beyond spectatorship to become a part of creating sustained and sustainable change.

What have we produced?

Our award-winning work has been presented to audiences around the world. Highlights include:

  • Bedding Out, Liz Crow’s live durational performance, which has toured the UK raising awareness of the on-going welfare benefit reforms.
  • The four combined Resistance projects, including an interactive installation, currently touring, and Liz Crow’s controversial and celebrated appearance on Antony Gormley’s Fourth Plinth.
  • Nectar, which won prizes across the board at Milan’s International Cinema and Video Festival of the Deaf
  • Frida Kahlo’s Corset, screened at Tate Modern alongside the retrospective of Kahlo’s paintings
  • The Real Helen Keller, made for Channel 4, with Ann Pugh and Redweather Productions

Many of our films are available to buy or hire. Please see the relevant work pages for more details.

How do we work?

Cumulatively, Roaring Girl Productions has brought hidden stories and new perspectives to audiences by using a range of media, with the means and the medium used in each production defined by the story it is setting out to tell.

We work inclusively and our productions demonstrate the possibilities and benefits of this approach. We pioneer new approaches to accessibility for audiences, incorporating solutions into the creative planning from the beginning of projects. This includes integrating audio description, captioning and sign language interpretation into the creative and production processes in film, and our recent introduction of integrated social media into performance.

We are a tiny core team whose numbers ebb and flow according to the scale of the project and the phase of production. Over the years, our work has been made possible by the generosity of our funders and the hard graft and support of dozens of committed individuals and organisations.