A last blast before I crash for a while. Bedding Out at Edinburgh was a good one: 30 hours of continuous performance, six bedside conversations and an active twitter feed. We talked of the Work Capability Assessment, the social model, performance protest, strength through activism, shaping public opinion, creating our own press, next generation politics, the interconnectedness of systems and people. Audio extracts and twitter conversations will be added to the RGP website soon.

But most of all, we talked of the things we can do to turn the tide on the benefits and cuts onslaught. We can:

Counter propaganda with In Actual Fact: Tweet occasionally, daily, multiple times each day. Submit facts to the website and tell everyone you know about it and get them to tweet too.

Get informed with these resources.

Get support for your own benefits survival.

Campaign with WOW – signing the petition is just the first crucial stage, which will enable their larger campaign to unfold. Sign, get 10 others to sign, ask them each to get 10 more…

Protest with DPAC’s Reclaiming our Futures, 29 August to 4 September, nationwide and on social media.

Unite through the People’s Assembly Against Austerity, joining campaigns for a national anti-austerity movement.