Hurray, today’s the day for the launch of the seriously brilliant, new-look Roaring Girl Productions website, created by the ever-talented CoQuo:

In the process of designing the new site, we sifted through all the existing materials and I realised I’ve done more than I’d ever known over the past 13 years of RGP. There’s some great material on there and it feels kind of good!

This new site makes it much easier to find archived material and also introduces lots of new materials. All our films and other productions are now available to watch online, free of charge, and with audio description, captions and BSL. We’d welcome your feedback.

With Bedding Out in Edinburgh just abound the corner, here are a few Bedding Out-themed highlights:

Archived Conversations and audio soundbites, with transcripts and BSL.

Article: Summer of 2012: Paralympic legacy and the welfare benefit scandal

Article: Renewing the Social Model of Disability

Links to advice, crisis support, campaigns and resources

Tweet news

I’ve recently been editing the thousands of tweets from April’s Bedding Out, reformatting them for a web archive. The range and depth of the conversations has amazed me, from invitations to MPs to shouting out at Esther McVey, media hatred and countering lies, wearing expressions to witch trials, marathon sleepovers and celebratory brownies, falling through gaps and dying whilst found ‘fit for work’, WCA tips and collective answering back, and much more. It’s an amazing resource of compassion, rage, humour, strategy and eloquence, all in 140 characters. And they’ll be uploaded any day now…

The #beddingout twitter feed will be active again for Edinburgh, so please join the conversation. This week, I was so sorry to lose the wonderful Dawn Willis @Quinonostante as tweetmeister this time around and I want to wish the very best to her son Matt for the speediest recovery. I’m also very pleased to welcome Laura @Ambir, from WOW Petition, stepping into the breech and tweeting from the heart of #beddingout in Edinburgh. Getting exciting now…

Bedding Out in Edinburgh

Friday 9th August 10.00am – Saturday 10th 4.00pm

Hunt & Darton Cafe, 17-21 St Mary’s Street, EH1 1SU

Conversations around the bed Fri 1pm, 5pm, Saturday 10am, 2pm, with BSL interpreter and notetaker

Conversation on Twitter Fri 9pm, Sat noon

@RGPLizCrow  #beddingout