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Extending activist reach and influence

Sensing Climate

Disabled mothers of disabled children: an activism of our children and ourselves

Including All of Our Lives: Renewing the social model of disability

Lying Down Anyhow: Disability and the Rebel Body

Summer of 2012: Paralympic legacy and the welfare benefit scandal

Art and activism: A conversation with Liz Crow

Who Jumps First?


Figures: An artist-activist response to austerity

Crow, Liz (2019) (Figures: An artist-activist response to austerity), In Berghs, M, Chataika, T, El-Lahib, Y & Dube, K (2020) The Routledge Handbook of Disability Activism, 1st edition, Routledge [online] [Available at:] [Accessed 24/06/2024]