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What objects do you keep by your bed?

@TenPercent Water, laptop, pills (and usually a cat).

@had1009 Drink, laptop,books, tablets and on the bed up to three dogs.

@Peckitt iphone, e-reader and phone charger.

@ambir Water, mobile phone, tablet computer and, at the moment, antihistamine pills.

@Buddha_aka_me Pills, including painkillers, water, kindle, phone.

@TrishaL8 Samsung tablet, phone, book and little schnoodle all curled up 🙂

@SevenHills2 Ear plugs, eye covers, nose inhaler, phone.

@soundcube Three pairs of headphones including noise cancellers, two favourite stones, a wind-up torch, a pencil, an unplugged-in lamp, work notes.

@WOWpetitionchat Water, pills, tablet, clock, hand cream.

@FordCarole Mobile, torch, radio tuned to LBC973.

@tinkerkitten4 Mobile, ipad, water and jelly babies and, tonight, a fan.

@MartinMetalneck Next to bed? CPAP [continuous positive airway pressure] machine, Tramadol, phone and earphones for audiobooks and music when sleep doesn’t happen.

@gillianartist Right now, next to my bed I have: iphone, cup of tea, radio, contact lenses, antihistamines, tissues and 20p.

@wildcandytuft My bed is my desk, my table and my settee. At present there is a laptop on it, and a west highland terrier underneath it.

@Inspired_Lives Kindle, ring earrings, angelcards and @WabbitWizzdom 🙂

@lumi_1984 Medication, phone charger, coffee machine, headphones, tissues and TV controls… and a partridge in a pear tree 😉

@twheaterer A pile of books I’m always too tired to read, water, hair ties I took out the night before and, yes, my mobile.

@randkmegroup Watch, rings, water, hand cream, ipad, pills, phone, pen, post it notes.

@dembones3 Phone, lip salve, tissues, medicines, heat pad, bottle water, cat sometimes 🙂

@mmissdennisqueen Nothing next to my bed, not even wheelchair, no space. 🙁

@DebbieSayers I have a laptop, book, knitting, crochet, sewing, journal, a drink and nibbles. I’m in bed a lot sometimes.

@latentexistence A mess. I keep a mess next to my bed.

@Barbsisi Medications and a glass of water, tissues, salt and clock.

@cidereye Boxes of tablets. Salt and Pepper strangely enough, makes the tablets taste better. 🙂

@chazzyb31 Medicines, water, phone, laptop, headphones, tissues, back scratcher, nail file.

@Alexandarshippo Keys, lamp, wallet, dirty washing.

@GeorgeMcFrin No dirty washing, slippers. Don’t bother with lamps or lights. Keys radio cassette alarm clock.

@Kirstystrain My bed always looks like this! Always end up sleeping next to mountain of stuff! See you at #beddingout

@memtitued 3.5 cups of water (always a fresh cup every night and always forget to take them out in the morning).

@Ramalina Medicines and lavender oil to calm flashbacks from PTSD.

@body_broken Fridge, medicines, coffee machine, commode, fan, toiletries, phone, tablet, headphones!

@mmaher70 Pain killers and a radio to get through the bad times.

@anonmouse62 Angina spray, asprin, radio.

@kirstymhall Books, my knitting, water, my phone, medicines, skincare stuff and a pen and paper. It’s a bit cluttered!

@Cat_Cassels Books (lots of books!), water, medicines, heat packs, pens and notebooks, crystals, cuddly tiger, mix of essential oils.

@tottwriter Laptop, alarm clock, hairbrush and hair ties (or I lose them all). Usually a book too.

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