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The Social Model

@jeshyr Reality is that the social model does not adequately represent my disability so why should I use it?

@harriet3241 The social model is critical and at the most extreme has saved lives, but misses out impairment.

@ClaireHeslop92 Separating the personal and political doesn’t make sense; they are integral.

@MeganDudziak The social model is still very relevant and critical in society but may be misused.

@RGPLizCrow The social model is both life changing and life saving. It remains radical, relevant and life changing.

@jan_sutton Reckon social model is still massively relevant, life-saving, but how we apply it must expand to incorporate body.

@RGPLizCrow Social model can include us all. If it’s not let’s look at how we’re applying it. Read more:

@DACymru Work Capability Assessment is a prime example of the Social Model being twisted and used against us.

@Barbsisi DWP Work Capability Assessment is designed to ignore medical science, medical ethics and patient testimony.

@Barbsisi Biopsychosocial model is DWP official anti-patient ideology developed by Aylward-Wessely school of disability denial.

@joe90kane The human rights atrocity of DWP’s Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) regime uses no proper peer reviewed medical science and is ethically malevolent.

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