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Notes for Projectionists

Notes for Projectionists

Roaring Girl Productions films include access features for d/Deaf and visually impaired audiences. These notes set out how to operate those features.
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Captioning (subtitling) and Sign Language Interpretation

Our films are available with on-screen captioning (subtitles) superimposed onto the core film.

Most are also available with in-vision sign language interpretation, that is, a sign language interpreter superimposed onto the core film picture.

These features do not require any change to standard screening procedures.

You need to specify which version you require.

Audio description

Most of our films on digibeta tapes also have the capacity to screen with audio description (AD). AD is an audio narration which translates the visual elements of the film for blind and visually impaired audiences.

The audio tracks are recorded as follows:

Tracks 1 and 2: Stereo soundtrack of core film.
Track 3: Mono version of AD soundtrack.
Track 4: Mono mix of both core film and AD soundtracks.

If you are projecting with two-channel player:

• To play without AD, selection tracks 1 and 2.
• To play with AD, select track 4 to play through the main cinema speakers. Note that, with a two-channel player, this means all audience members will receive the AD track and all audio will be mono.

If you are projecting with four-channel player:

• To play without AD, select tracks 1 and 2.
• To play with AD, select tracks 1 and 2 to play through the main cinema speakers. Select track 3 for relay through infrared system to individual headsets. Note that this is dependent on your cinema having an infrared system installed.

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